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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Labor Day Weekend! Or where did the summer go?

Well, my good intentions for posting every week just flew by and now the end of summer is here and I'm finally posting again. It's at least been a very busy and successful summer. We have at least 1 more, possibly 2 more days at the Waldport Wednesday Market. Really a fun market with lots of vendors and lots of customers, so a win, win in my book.  This past week I was there all by myself, Becky had a little vacation visiting her granddaughter in Utah. Couldn't have done it without Roger's help and a little moral support from my friends, Elsie and Dee.

I featured jewelry this week and so displayed some nice pieces with my little windblown mermaid up front.

After selling this suncatcher design last time with a hummingbird, I tried the same concept with a butterfly, dragonfly and fairy on board.

Also, tried my hand at some iridescent ornaments with a seashore theme.

And my Vintage Velma dolls are still quite popular. Here we have Bubbles the Clown, and Mollie LeCroix.

This is Izziana a cool Mayan cat who wouldn't stop spinning for the camera.

And my newest creation, Ms. Elnora Pigwidgeon, and I see Izziana peeking over her shoulder back there.

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