Riding the exercise bike to retreat!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Polka Dot Party

A couple of weeks ago Cactus Patchers had their Spring Getaway. It's a really fun 4 days of quilting in the high desert. No phone, no internet, (although I think that will change next year), just lots of sewing and chatting with my quilt friends. This year's theme was Polka Dot Party, so I started collecting polka dot fabric after last year's retreat, since polka dots just really haven't been my thing. I got alot done and even made a few things to sell in the silent auction we have on the last night of activities.

The first thing I did was finish the Planet Patchwork mystery quilt from New Year's Day this year. This is going to look great in Will's room.

I did a little tutorial for the girls on how to make the coffee cup organizers and made a whole bunch of pincushion flowers that I donated to the group for the sale. Check out those cute pink polka dots.

And what would retreat be without a jelly roll race? I had so many fat quarters of polka dots that I decided to do mine with fat quarter strips and black cornerstones. It doubled the amount, but I like the way it turned out.

And it's safe to say that I'm tired of polka dots. It was fun, but they're still not really my thing!

Finally, I needed to work on my color challenge quilt using 2 1/2' strips of light, medium and dark. Decided it was time to try the Strip Tubing ruler I bought last year. This quilt was so stinking easy it's not even funny. Looks like there's so much work and it really went together fast.

So, that's it for this year's Getaway. Had a great time and the theme we settled on for 2014 is Cowgirl Up so I better start looking for western themed fabrics for next year.