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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tears For Cecil

Politics aside, the whole Cecil story really touched me. Maybe because I'm a Leo, maybe because I love animals, I don't know, but I shed tears for this beautiful lion and felt I needed to make something to remind me of this senseless death. So, I started by pounding the hell out of a A&W10 can to start as my base and came up with this little tribute to Cecil.

I remembered I had made these lion heads out of polymer clay for my mom and I one year and mine had been a necklace that eventually broke apart, so I used that as my Cecil head with a big orange silk flower behind it for the mane. Added some black Distress Ink and Stickles to the tips. I used the parts from an old necklace for the foot claws and beads.

I even found a little crown in my stash to add for his "King of the Jungle" persona, as well as a pair of old earrings for epaulets. I've been making lots of paper beads this year too and used those for his arms, legs and tail.

His belly is a little steam punky. I used an old mint tin with a sliding top. Planning on putting an article describing his story rolled up inside. I made some little tears on a chain that hangs down from the gears and arrow.

It's hard to see his tail from the front, but here it is peeking out from the side. I have him hanging at the entrance to my studio so I see him when I walk in. Rest in Peace Cecil, you were one of a kind.