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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Vintage Disneyland

I've been scanning old slides lately and came across some great vintage 1960's pictures of my husband and his sister at Disneyland.

I love that Disneyland is timeless. 

All digital elements are from Club Scrap's Pure & Simple collection. One of my favorite color combos ever. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Generations Project

A few weeks ago, my friend Diana and I worked on a vintage Club Scrap project together via Skype. The project is a small scrapbook using the Generations kit from April 2008.

Here is the cover of my book. It is a fun exercise in masking and inking techniques and I really like how it turned out. I added some hardware and dimensional words to the cover as well. My book ended up having 36 pages and it lead me to some fantastic genealogy discoveries and stories that I will be adding to the book at a later date. For now I have a lot of generational pictures from both sides of my family and will really treasure having them all in one place.

The first 2 pages show my family trees on both my mother and father's sides of my family. When I started I had only a small amount on my dad's side and quite a bit on my mom's, but after I contacted some relatives and did an internet search on some information I had a whole new world opened up and I ended up tracing my mother's line all the way back to Robert the Bruce. Cool, huh?

I started with my grandmother (on my dad's side). I thought this was the only picture available with her dad, her and me. When I contacted my aunt, she sent me pictures of my grandma's mom and sisters as well.

I tried to do at least one page for each side that shows the generations so you'll see that I repeated the use of head shots to show that. I noticed when I did this one that I, my dad and my great grandma, all have the same eyes.

Next, we have the Farman side of my dad's family. My aunt Betsy and cousin Carrie provided some great vintage photos for me here. Particularly dear to my heart are the one's of my dad as a baby. He had such a great sense of humor and you see in this series of photos that he was such a happy child as well. I miss him every day.....

It was also great to have pictures of 2 generations of siblings. My dad and his siblings, both as children and adults and his dad and his siblings as children and adults. I have another page to add depicting the Farman Pickle Brothers, but I'm waiting for some images.

Next we have my grandfather's mother. This is as far back as I have information for her side of the family, but we have the Farman side back to before the Revolutionary War. There were even a couple of pictures from the mid 1800s and stories of minute men and the gold rush.

Now, we move on to my mom's side of the family, starting with her mother. I have such great memories of week ends spent at my grandparents house in Buckley, WA. I think the picture of my grandmother and some of her siblings in the lower left corner is the only picture I've seen of my grandma as a child. A wonderful photo to have.

Next is my mother's father's side, the Lochridges. We have some wonderful photos dating back to the early 1900s of this crowd. They were a logging family and during the winter months, my grandpa's parents ran a roller rink. Family legend has it that this may have also been a speakeasy, after all, it was the 1920s.

The top 2 pages show's my great-great grandfather and grandmother and their adult children. On the right is Elizabeth Bagby (the g-g-grandmother from that family), she lived to be 84 and helped with the running of the logging camp.

The bottom 2 pages show a handmade quilt made by my g-g-g-grandmother Damara Todd (married to John Lochridge). It's called Turkey Tracks and hangs in a museum in Auburn, WA. I also made copies of the family bible pages that has all the family records for her children, marriages and deaths.

This all lead me to do some research on the internet which lead me to the Campbells, the Stewarts and the Bruces. Yes, we have a direct connection through the Lochridges all the way back to Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland. How cool is that?

Here is a picture of both the back and front covers of the book. I'll put my signature in the frame on the back.