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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Family Faces

Getting lots of pictures from both new babies families over the last few months, so I've been busy digi scrapping.

This one is in a quick drop from the Aurora Borealis CS collection. It's Betsy (grandma) holding little Finnley's hand. Just precious.

Here we have a gorgeous family picture of Morgan, Tarn and Finnley in a Nice to See You (CS) quick drop layout.

And here's one of Tarn and Morgan's wedding photos in a Just Dandy (CS) quick drop. 

This is Vanleigh and her auntie Ashleigh. Super cute photo in a Peacock (CS) quick drop layout. 

And finally, we have grandma Laura Leigh (I still can't get used to saying that) and little Vanleigh in an adorable photo together, also in a quick drop from the My Funny Valentine collection from CS. Vanleigh wins the chubby cheeks award this month!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fancy Schmancy Stitch Markers

I've recently gotten back into crocheting and knitting. Maybe because I'm teaching a friend who lives in my neighborhood how to crochet and I've been surfing the net for patterns a lot lately. Anyhow, I've been using this gigantic stitch holder used for knitting to mark my rounds for crochet.

Quite silly isn't it?

I have knitting stitch markers that just slide over the needle, but they don't really work when you're crocheting. 

I saw a picture of some crochet work with what looked like a lobster claw clasp and some beads used as a stitch marker and it clicked. Hey, I have a bunch of those lobster claws in my jewelry findings. Out came the beads, findings and jewelry pliers and voila!

I made 2 different sizes in black and copper. They are really quite simple to make, just a lobster claw clasp, a head pin and some beads.

And here we are, a much better way to mark crochet rounds. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful, wonderful Mom! This picture is one of my favorites of her taken in the late 90's. Just love that red hat and the beautiful daffodils next to her.

Digital scrapbook page created with Club Scrap's Bold Blooms, Sprinkles and The Blues kits.

Friday, May 1, 2015


What's Plarn, you say? 

Plarn is Plastic Yarn made from recycled grocery bags. Really simple to make and you get quite a good length of "plarn" from 1 bag.

When I started my project I was going to use all different colors of bags, but as I got going I liked the beige colored bags with a little black in them so I decided to stick with those for the whole project. 

And here we have it, a "plarn" sun hat with a "plarn" flower to adorn it. It took about 25-30 grocery bags to complete the hat. It has a velvet ribbon threaded through it. It was fun and I would definitely do it again. It looks like a straw hat till you get up close.