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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wintry Peacock

The M&Ms are at it again. Maggie passed out these little round glass vases for us before she taught this great technique using tape and acrylic paint.

It was a really great and fun technique!

You can see I remembered to take a before picture after I had already started my project.

It took a whole day to make the peacock feathers. I started with the video found here and added some of my own modifications, This is a great starting place if you're looking for a how to on paper feathers.

I painted an old hand fan white and then arranged the feathers around it for the peacock tail. I added some white fiber flowers to the centers of each feather.

Here is the finished project. I used a toilet paper cardboard tube as a stand to hold the feathers and then poured glass glitter around it. Disguised it with a some silver fiber and then put a "peace on earth" stamped scroll into the body.

The head of the peacock is an old baby spoon covered with some sort of wound wood fiber I found in my stash of weird things to use someday. I perched an old jewelry brooch onto it's head for the fluffy stock and added some white punched leaves at the back. The feet are the TH poinsettia die cut out and covered with mica.

If we find some place to display our projects I'll try to get a pic of all of them.