Riding the exercise bike to retreat!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Herb Garden ala Repurposed Basket Rack

Saw an idea on Pinterest the other day to plant herbs in mason jars and hang them up. So we are on a DePaul crawl the other day and found this old shower/laundry wire basket rack for about $3 and thought we could use it for an herb garden for the deck. First thing, we took it apart and spray painted black.
Then we decided to split into 2 short racks so we'd be able to move them around the deck to get maximum sun. It rains alot here, ya know!You can also see that I lined the bottoms of each basket with a piece of pond liner so they wouldn't just drain on to the lower basket or lose all their dirt.
As I planted each basket I lined them with soaked sphagnum moss to help with water and dirt retention.
This one has strawberries on the bottom and rosemary and thyme in the middle basket. Mmmmm......I love the smell of rosemary.

The top of this one got italian parsley and the second one has lettuce seeds in the bottom, a different rosemary and sage in the middle basket and will get a ginger mint and one basil plant in the top.

We also decided that the middle baskets were too low so we moved them up a notch and can move them farther if they need it as the summer progresses.
Here they are completed and ready for sunshine. Can hardly wait to start using them. Hope you enjoyed my little gardening tut!

Monday, June 4, 2012


We spent the holiday weekend at Egils, an SCA event hosted by the barony of Adiantum held near Eugene. We had soooooo much fun. It really is nice to escape to the middle ages once in awhile.

John and Doug joined us for the week end. Their first event and I think they really enjoyed it.

John and Will all garbed up and heading off to watch some of the festivities. Check out that new sword John is sporting.
Here they are walking along merchant's row. All we needed were some horse drawn wagons and it really would have been authentic due to some serious rain the week before the event. And, where did Will get that gorgeous hair from anyway?

Will, fighting in the first rapier scenario of the day, Capture the Documents. We're all in the background to the right watching the fight.
A nice parry and thrust.
A good kill!
Will received this awesome shield as an award at the final court. The other rapier fighters voted him one of the mvp's of the tournament. Nice job, Will!
Admiring the new shield and enjoying our last campfire.