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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finishing up those UFOs

I love the start of the new year. I always make the resolution to finish up those Unfinished Objects (UFOs), some of which have been sitting around for YEARS! And, of course, once you get one finished you now have permission to start something new, right?
I started this mystery quilt in January of 2008, so in the scheme of things, 3 years isn't that bad. I have some that have made it to or past the 10 year mark and are still unfinished. Shhhhhhh......don't tell! Decided to digitally scrap the pics using the Club Scrap Color in Black and White kit elements for most of it and a Common Threads quilt block brush.
Have a great holiday week end! Will have pics of Estrella War next week!


  1. Wow, Rachelle, the colors in your quilt match the kit perfectly! Gorgeous and way to finish up the UFO's! Love that!

  2. Beautiful quilt. I used to feel guilt about all my unfinished projects until someone told me you don't have to finish things unless you want to. For some reason it clicked in my head and I don't think about it anymore. If I have gotten what I needed from a project I just give it away.

  3. Good Job Rachelle, it always feels so good to finish a quilt.

  4. UFO - I like that phrase. And I'm curious to see your shots from Estrella. My sister and brother-in-law go to those, or did for a very long time. Now I need to ask her if they still do. I did a Renaissance-CS kit layout for her years ago of Estrella! :)

  5. This LO is devine Rachelle, but that quilt is gorgeous!