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Monday, June 13, 2011

Paula & Diana's Flat Adventure

I brought my flat crafting buddies, Paula and Diana along with me to Oregon and boy have they been having fun. Here they are packed in with my knitting and crossword puzzles for the long drive.

We camped at Red Rock Canyon State Park in Southern California the first night.

We enjoyed a lovely breakfast of granola bars and coffee while we were treated to a spectacular sunrise.

A stop at our favorite fruit stand, Casa de Fruta had us making a fast getaway after the girls started climbing on the antiques.

We had a relaxing evening during our visit with friends in Los Altos

There always seems to be a plumbing or water leaking problem when we arrive in Oregon, so they donned their Hazmat suits and masks to help with the cleanup.

Yesterday, they put on their hard hats and helped with tree trimming so we could find a window for the satellite dish.

More adventures to come from Flat Paula and Flat Diana as the summer progresses.

These are all mostly QDDL's from various Club Scrap digi collections.

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