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Monday, June 4, 2012


We spent the holiday weekend at Egils, an SCA event hosted by the barony of Adiantum held near Eugene. We had soooooo much fun. It really is nice to escape to the middle ages once in awhile.

John and Doug joined us for the week end. Their first event and I think they really enjoyed it.

John and Will all garbed up and heading off to watch some of the festivities. Check out that new sword John is sporting.
Here they are walking along merchant's row. All we needed were some horse drawn wagons and it really would have been authentic due to some serious rain the week before the event. And, where did Will get that gorgeous hair from anyway?

Will, fighting in the first rapier scenario of the day, Capture the Documents. We're all in the background to the right watching the fight.
A nice parry and thrust.
A good kill!
Will received this awesome shield as an award at the final court. The other rapier fighters voted him one of the mvp's of the tournament. Nice job, Will!
Admiring the new shield and enjoying our last campfire.

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  1. Looks as if you all had a brilliant time Rachelle, thank you for sharing these fab pictures. x