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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It Keeps Getting Smaller and Smaller

The second building got it's hair cut yesterday. This building will be my studio when all this is said and done, but for now it's our living quarters and with the 2 of us and 2 labradors, the space is definitely feeling small.
Here is the framed up wall, we only have to take about a foot off of this building in order to get the park model in.

You can see the entrance to the old trailer from this room. That all has to get torn out and will finally release the trailer from the buildings. Kind of like jettisoning the command module.

Here we have the vapor barrier up and the bed set up. We had room for the little recliner and that's about it.

This is on the other side of the bed. 1 IKEA cart with a hot plate and the tv. You can see the fridge on the right just inside the foyer.

Eventually, the doorway will be walled over and the foyer chopped down a little but still attached to the other building. We're hoping this makes a good utility room with our washer/dryer and freezer.

And here is the most important place. The coffee station, the big freezer, the microwave and all our portable shelving is stuffed in the other building as our makeshift kitchen while all this constructing is going on. 

Next week, the trailer will be gone for good and we'll start on leveling the pad for the park model. It's coming along!

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