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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Boxes!!

Thought I was close to finished with the studio, and then 17 more boxes arrived from the storage locker. And these were BIG boxes. So, there was a whole lot of tweaking going on to get even more stuff packed in this space. I came to the decision that there was no way I could store fabric for quilting here, so it will be in the old dining room hutch that is at the storage locker. I should be able to "shop" there when I'm looking for fabric for quilting.

Managed to get all of my wood mounted stamps into the rubber stamp frame that Roger built for me in Arizona. It works perfectly above the desk. Also found all the altered art storage that I've created over the years. Have paints and powders and mists and doodads stored right above the desk. 

We had a piece of counter we brought from Arizona that we turned into a good shelf across the end of the work island. I have mostly things that I use all the time there and can bring down to the work surface when I need them. Just to the right of the window I have my Distress Stains, Stickles and Distress Reinkers stored.

One of my favorite quilts "Evening at the Lilipond" works great for a door. Will keep it toasty in there when winter comes. Put 2 fiber holder rings up by the fish window and have my Timmy Tag wreath living above the door, along with my altered radiation mask.

On the end of the cube storage, I was able to get my small altered shadowbox trays up for Pearl Ex, Perfect Pearls and Glitters. Still have a little room for more too! Hehehe!

I have a few more cubes to add to this corner and then I'll be at capacity. Guess I better get started creating!

Here is the sewing area. I found my deck of art fans (which I need to finish, so maybe seeing them everyday will motivate me to do that) and they fit wonderfully on the doors to the cupboard above the sewing machine. A couple of more shelves above the window and some jar storage under it and we're good to go.

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