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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Soda Can Dolls

I got to spend a lovely afternoon in my friend Tanny's studio yesterday learning how she makes these wonderful dolls from soda cans. She has them hanging throughout her lovely home and they're all absolutely wonderful. Here are a couple of her creations.

I got about halfway done at Tanny's and then I added a few more things today to finish up. 

I took some pictures along the way, so you can see the steps we took to get to the finished product. 

Start with a smashed soda can

add some arms and legs to the sides by poking a small hole and threading the wire used to make the appendages through. 

add a head and belly and start embellishing to your desired finish. 

Here is another one of Tanny's lovely creations. 

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  1. I just now figured out how to get on your blog. You made a beautiful soda can person. I have not heard from you, are you OK?