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Monday, March 28, 2011

Hey Will!! You're 20!!

I've been tripping through the way back machine, digitally scrapping picture of my youngest son, Will. Today is his 20th birthday. Really? 20? It seems like it was just yesterday, not 1994, when we hiked in the Sawtooth Mountains of southern Idaho and camped near a great sliding rock.
And didn't we just go see "Men In Black" last week end? Which prompted 2 little boys to demand their very own neuralizers so they could run around zapping everyone's memories for the next 2 months?
And I know it was just a summer ago, not 8 summers ago, that I captured a 12 year old Will with a bad headache from too much play and not enough water getting a hug from dad on the beach at Ocean Shores, Washington.
And here he is just last month (really!) at Estrella War just before the sandstorm from hell arrived to wipe out the rest of the week end. So, Happy Birthday, Will. May your next 20 be just as adventurous as the first 20.


  1. Wonderful digi layouts Rachelle!!

  2. These pages are absolutely gorgeous Rachelle and such wonderful memories. Terrific tribute. Annette x

  3. I love these Rachelle and I'm sure you enjoyed putting them together. How does it feel to have a 20 year old son? Bittersweet?