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Monday, March 14, 2011

Velvet Stamping Class

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I had a blast last week teaching one of my quilt group's (Cactus Patchers of Tempe) how to use rubber stamps on velvet to create a quilt square or embellishment for cards. I just love how easy this is and it has a definite WOW factor when you pull up that piece of velvet and see the rubber stamp image impressed into it. It really is super easy and fun to do. Here's the quick lowdown on how it's done:
1. use polyester velvet (cut into manageable pieces that are bigger than your stamp)
2. set iron to cotton; steam is ok
3. lay rubber stamp, rubber side up on the ironing board, towel, etc.
4. center the velvet (velvet side down) on the stamp
5. spritz the back of the velvet with a few mists of water (do not saturate the velvet)
6. lay a pressing cloth gently over the velvet
7. set the iron onto the stack with gentle pressure for a count of 7-10 (do not slide the iron around, lift and move if your stamped area is bigger than the sole plate of the iron)
8. lift the velvet off and look. voila' the stamped image is impressed into the velvet.
9. use as you desire
Have fun trying your own velvet stamping!


  1. Your results are amazing, so love the effect you have achieved. Doesn't the iron melt the rubber stamp, or is that a daft question Rachelle? Annette x

  2. Stunning. I like stamping on velvet. I have posted an award for you on my blog. Hope you like it. Hugs..Donna

  3. Good question, Netty. And I meant to put that in the instructions. No harm will come to your rubber stamps. You have the velvet layer and a press cloth between the iron and the rubber.

  4. Beautiful Rachelle. You can send that pillow to my house when you tire of it!