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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Upcycling--Part 2!

I've been working on this Lazy Susan Utensil Caddy for the last couple of days.

I ripped out the funky little wood holders that wouldn't hold anything that didn't have a big square hole in it and then painted my favorite purply raisin color as you saw in the previous post.

Decided to get a little collage action going and have been cutting and gluing for 2 days now. It all started with a little french themed napkin my friend Paula gave me a few weeks ago. You really can't see much of the napkin anymore, but the Eiffel Tower is part of it.
I've been digging through scraps and looking through old scrapbook papers to find collage items to cut out. Even found some old Paper Pizzazz books that had realistic looking embellishments to cut and paste.

Added some sticker phrases and flowers that I thought would be inspirational when I'm creating.

Then, went through the bling drawer and added a little sparkle to each side, just because! And I hit the 10 cent sale at Michaels yesterday and really added to the bling supply.

Here's an overview of the bottom ledge at each side. I just kept finding things to cut out and glue on.

Here is the very top with some flowers and faux metal embellishments. A little Club Scrap Bistro in there too!

 Here it is all loaded up with tools and a few hanging embellishments. I'm forever looking for my needle tool and non-stick tweezers so I'm hoping their new home will help me out a little.

And here are both my new toys in their spots on my desk. The jewelry box has all my wire and wire working tools. And now, I'll need another trip to the Goodwill as all my finds have now been repurposed into new items. Have a happy week end!


  1. You have done a fabulous job on this Rachelle and you have put it to very good use. Loving how your desk looks with both your new projects. x

  2. excellent upcycling! useful and beautiful!