Riding the exercise bike to retreat!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


A few months ago I found this old jewelry box at the Goodwill Store (a favorite place to find cool stuff). It was still in pretty good shape so I took all the hardware off and gave it a coat of raisin paint. While the hardware was off, I noticed it was looking pretty bad so I pounced some Alcohol Ink (citrus and silver) on all the knobs and hinges.

The insides of the drawers were in the worst shape so I picked out some pretty paper and covered them all with it.

The insides of the doors got the same treatment. I think this is going to become my center for wire working. It will be nice to have all my supplies in one place.


  1. oh wow Rachelle you have done a wonderful alteration, it looks fabulous. x

  2. Rachelle, this is fabulous! What a great find, and you are so right about those thrift shops. All sorts of fun finds!