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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Got Crab?

Wow! It's almost been a month since I've posted on my blog. Where in the world did that month go? Lots of family visiting and then visiting family, that's where. And mom and I had a great time getting the genealogy papers out and adding info and gaining headway. But that story is for another time and blog (got an idea for that and just need to sit down and do it) Stay tuned it's gonna be fun!

So, we got home to Florence on Tuesday and according to the weather report Wednesday was going to be calm wind and warm temps leading to blowing winds on Thursday. Guess which day we decided to go fishing? That's right, Wednesday. First day, this season, poles in the water hoping for one of those early, confused, salmon who forgot to wait for the starting gun on the run at the end of the month. Decided to just take 3 traps with us 'cause if you don't catch a salmon the next best thing is fresh Dungeoness crab, YUM! Well, not a single bite happened and the fish finder only yielded sporadic blips that might have been a fish on it's way, but when we started pulling the traps up to head on in, we got 5 keepers in the first and another 5 in the second, we were thinking, yeah! at least there's crab for dinner. Pulled that last trap up and Roger couldn't even lift it into the boat. I had to pull on one side and that was a struggle as well. The trap was literally FULL of crab. And get this, 16 keepers!!!!

We were thinking it might be our first ever limit in a trap (limit is 12), but 16? This may be a hard record to break. We actually had to have a crab fashion show on deck and throw back a few little keepers to get back down to our limit. Whoo hoo, we're canning crab today!


  1. Rachelle, thanks so much for your compliment on my Craftchaos blog!

  2. wowza... I imagine your delight and reminds me of the guys on Deadliest Catch when the pots are FULL! Have fun canning!