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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tattered Florals Leaves

Don't you just love how Pinterest sucks you in and the next thing you know 2 hours have gone by and you haven't accomplished a thing?  I was determined to actually create something from some of my pins the other day and decided that the Tattered Florals die was the chosen guinea pig for my creative juices. The pin I chose lead me to 3 different tutorials from which I chose to try 2 of them. The first one is here and my examples are below. I love the centers of these flowers, made with the skinny petalled flower on the die.

And the second one is here  with my examples below:

I also made some roses with the Pinecone die, which I absolutely love!

Then I decided that I needed some leaves to go with my flowers, but I don't have a leaf die and I left all my punches in Arizona. What about the Tattered Florals die? Could I make leaves by cutting the petals? Let's give it a try.

Start with some patterned paper or misted paper or whatever kind of paper you'd like. I chose some waste cardstock and spritzed with greens, blues and purples. Cut out several of the large, medium and small flowers with the die. Scrunch them up and then unfold.

Cut the petals apart into leaves. I shaped the wide end of the leaf a little by rounding it and narrowing it. If your leaf tears a little, that's ok, just smooth it out with your scissors. You can make the leaf a little narrower or shorter, after all, no 2 leaves are the same anyway.

To finish the leaves fold in half to the point making a nice vein down the center and unfold. Use a tooth pick or bamboo skewer to curl the edges a little. Pinch the end into a nice point and you have a leaf ready to glue onto your flowers.

I used these on my Pinecone Roses. I think I need something bigger for the Tattered Florals flowers that I made.

And here is a finished art piece using some of the flowers and leaves I made this week.

Hope you enjoyed the Tattered Florals Leaf tutorial and have a great week creating!

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