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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fancy Schmancy Stitch Markers

I've recently gotten back into crocheting and knitting. Maybe because I'm teaching a friend who lives in my neighborhood how to crochet and I've been surfing the net for patterns a lot lately. Anyhow, I've been using this gigantic stitch holder used for knitting to mark my rounds for crochet.

Quite silly isn't it?

I have knitting stitch markers that just slide over the needle, but they don't really work when you're crocheting. 

I saw a picture of some crochet work with what looked like a lobster claw clasp and some beads used as a stitch marker and it clicked. Hey, I have a bunch of those lobster claws in my jewelry findings. Out came the beads, findings and jewelry pliers and voila!

I made 2 different sizes in black and copper. They are really quite simple to make, just a lobster claw clasp, a head pin and some beads.

And here we are, a much better way to mark crochet rounds. 

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