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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Enjoying the Journey

It's been a month of projects for me. Since Club Scrap added a project cabin to their summer camp roster, it really motivated me to get some of the backlog of projects I have. With summer camp ending on Sunday, I dug out the little white birds I bought in June to make a black and white themed driftwood windchime out of my never ending stash of driftwood.

I have been stripping and smoothing this particular piece of driftwood off and on for the last year and finally decided it was ready to use. I added the 3 little white birds and a Tim Holtz tattered banner with Enjoy the Journey stamped on it.

I used large beads and broken jewelry pieces to turn each chime into a sparkly, spinning mini work of art.

Here are a couple of the projects I did for the last week of camp.

These are little paper luggage cases that will hold a set of cards I can use as gifts this year. The top one is made with Moods Over Wings Club Scrap papers and the bottom one the Time & Space papers.

This is a project called The Envelope Please, using 3 envelopes on the inside as tag or gift card holders.
I made this one with Time & Space papers from Club Scrap.

This is another The Envelope Please project using Weather papers.

Next is the project from Come Sail Away stamp kit. I added a little white on blue zentangle to use as a bookmark. 

And last is the project from Private Eye, although I used Bookshelves and Collections papers and elements for the cover. I just love the globe stamp/stencil combo that came in the Bookshelves kit.


  1. Rachelle, all your projects are amazing, but the driftwood wind chime is my absolute favorite and I am so inspired to make one of my own.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the wind chime!