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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Glory

I had a very enjoyable birthday yesterday, quilting  and relaxing. My quilting friendship group started this sampler quilt, Summer Glory, earlier in the year. I've been slowly working on the blocks and made some significant progress this week.

First of all, I chose to pick my fabrics from all the leftover fabric from the 2 chicken quilts I made, so you may see some interesting patterns in some of the blocks. This one is called Stars and Flowers.

Here is one of the many birdhouse blocks throughout the quilt. 

This one is Dutch Tulips. I really like that cobblestone fabric for the tulips; it really pops.

A nice folksy flag block is next. Took me forever to do the stars until I figured out that they're just pieced, not paper pieced. Read the directions, Rachelle. 

Next is the Watering Can block. I was going for one of those old galvanized metal cans with coppery accents. Not bad, eh?

Birdhouses, Trowel and Star block. 

I have several more ready for applique, but I've made a good start. 

And this is another hand project I've been working on since arriving in Oregon. The day before we left Arizona, my friend Maryann stopped by and handed me this little baggy with hexagon templates and a sample flower. Well, I've been hooked on making little hexagon flowers ever since.

I'm trying to keep to yellow, brown, orange and teal blue, but it just keeps growing and growing. I guess it's headed to being a Grandma's Flower Garden quilt. 

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  1. Your Blocks look so good. I am on the chicken now. It is slow going for me.