Riding the exercise bike to retreat!

Monday, April 9, 2012

CC 101 Day 2

After all that weather and Estrella War and Quilt Retreat, I had some time to check out Creative Chemistry 101 and create my first samples. Yeah! The knowledge to be had from this VERY affordable class is wonderful! And to have access to it forever? PRICELESS!

Here we are starting off with Blended Spritz and Flick technique. Love how this turns out. I've done it before, but the in depth tips and tricks really help get that perfect end result.

Brushless Watercolor: another of my favorite techniques and yet following all the little extra tips gives such a beautiful finished product. And I love the fact that Tim gave us a little sticker to print out and put on the back so we'd have that technique labeled for future use.

And the last one for today: Wrinkle-Free Distress. Who woulda known that trying to take a shortcut right in the middle is what sabotages the whole thing. Another one I've tried and like to do, but ooooooh do I love it now that I know how to do it right!

Thanks for a wonderful day Tim! I'm looking forward to day 3!


  1. Terrific backgrounds on all your tags Rachelle. Hope you had a wonderful Easter. Annette x

  2. Isn't this course fantastic and so are your tags! It looks like you have done a great job on wrinkle free for the background to your blog! I thought the hints and tips were worth the money as they are not in a book/video! Keep going, they are so much fun!