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Monday, August 22, 2016

Fairies and Wizards and Dragons, Oh My!

After many trips to the beach on driftwood hunts, I finally started my fairy garden. It's anchored by this wonderful piece that Roger carried about a mile back to the car for me. It has the perfect window for a crystal.

We placed it next to one of the giant fir trees near our bedroom window. I think I'm going to do a little swing hanging from the spiky thing and a little staircase down to the natural cave in the bark of the fir tree.

This is looking back through the window with the crystal sparkling in the sun. There are 2 natural huckleberry plants growing around this tree as well.

 and here's a close up of the window.

As you go left around the tree. I have a smaller fairy house door and a dragon guarding his treasure in front.

I'll have to try and get a picture of the treasure sparkling in the sun. This was near dusk and the jewels don't show up very well. The dragon wing is cut from some packaging plastic and colored with Alcohol Inks.

This is the smaller fairy house on the left. It has some interesting dips and depressions near the top so may get some fairy furniture for a topside sitting area.

This is going to be the Wizard house. Love the shape of this one with all the points. Next, I'll be making staircases, bridges and maybe a little fountain. Hope the fairies find it for the winter.

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